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The School-Justice Partnership Library contains the latest resources and materials available on school-justice issues, including articles, reports, models, policy, research, tools and webinars.

Spotlight on Philadelphia County School-Justice Collaboration

The School Diversion Program was developed by the Philadelphia Police Department in recognition of the growing problem of the school-to-prison pipeline, and its disproportionate impact on minority students which has the potential of becoming a national model. Kevin Bethel leads the program, and represents a shared vision amongst system partners to address these issues.

Unintended Consequences

Resources and information on the unintended consequences of school referrals to the juvenile justice system and school pushout, including resources on how to address or alleviate the consequences.

Latest News & Events

August 21, 2017 Kevin Bethel Explains Why the Philadelphia Police School Diversion Program Works and Zero-Tolerance Policies Should be Outlawed
Retired Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel has seen first-hand the disproportionate numbers of African-American and Latino youth unnecessarily being put into the judicial system for minor offenses. Children are being traumatized when subjected to fingerprinting and photographing for very minor non-violent offenses or even normal adolescent behaviors outlawed due to zero-tolerance requirements. It has been shown that these types of arrests negatively impact graduation rates, job prospects, and create a number other long-term impediments. The Philadelphia Police School Diversion Program successfully helps divert youth from being arrested, and reforms when and how youth come into contact with the juvenile system. School arrests have been reduced by 68% using alternative actions promoted by the Program. To read more about the program click here.

August 16, 2017 Webinar Opportunity Effectively Implementing Family Engagement and Involvement Practices for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
The National Reentry Resource Center will be hosting a webinar on "Effectively Implementing Family Engagement and Involvement Practices for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System on Thursday, August 24th from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Eastern. The webinar will provide tools for juvenile justice professionals to implement practices in family engagement and positive outcome for youth. For more information or to register for this webinar, click here.

August 16, 2017 Coming Soon to Philly Schools: 22 City-Paid Social Workers

A pilot program putting 22 full-time social workers into Philadelphia elementary, middle and high schools is being implemented with the ultimate goal of rolling the program out district-wide. The aim is to introduce behavioral consultants, case managers, and family peer specialists to focus not on what is happening to children in the classroom, rather what is happening to them outside of class. “You cannot educate a child who is in crisis or experiencing trauma,” said Superintendent William R. Hite, Jr. Large numbers of children are in crisis every day and many students are lost due to unmet behavioral and mental health needs. Having appropriately trained counselors to identify and work with children on root issues of trauma and crisis will hopefully help keep kids in class and on track to graduation. Read more about the pilot program and the district goals click here.

August 1, 2017 Now Available! National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Releases School Safety Report
The report provides data to support or dispel common perceptions related to school safety. Federal agencies, including the Departments of Education and Justice, and school safety experts collected the data reported in this publication. Topics addressed include: school crime; school shootings and violence; traumatic events such as bullying; and the threat of violence using social media. Click here to read the NIJ report

Click here to learn more about the NIJ's Comphrensive School Safety Initiative
Click here to see OJJDP's Model Programs Guide to learn about programs promoting school safety

Topical Newsletters

The School-Justice Partnership Project newsletter contains up-to-date information relating to school discipline issues, law enforcement in schools, trauma, youth mental and behavioral health issues, and the intersection of schools and the juvenile justice system. Each issue will feature resources that are relevant to the myriad issues facing communities, and tips for enhancing collaboration within jurisdictions. To subscribe to the newsletter, click here.

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